Ways to Store Your LEGO Collection

We all love LEGO games. We have collections in different sizes, and we value the collections. Everyone talks about the latest games and forgets one thins – you need to store these toys to keep them safe for the next session. You will one time ponder how to sort and store the blocks as the collection grows over the years. Let us look at how you can store them away.

All in One Box

This is the way many people store their collections. This is ideal when you are just starting off, and you have a few blocks to deal with. Your kids will also love this option because you can just get the box out and all their bits will be there for them to start playing. It is also easy to clean up after playing because you can just throw all of them in the box.

However, as the collection grows so does this option start becoming unsuitable. It will become frustrating when you have to look for smaller pieces in a group of thousands.

Sort into Separate Containers

You can choose to sort the bricks according to color into different containers. This will help your kids get some help with learning the colors, and it will be fun sorting the bricks into the different categories with your son in tow.

The only problem is that it becomes difficult trying to find a specific model in the colored draw. You will spend a lot of time looking for a specific bit that you threw in a colored category. You have to move from container to container to get what you are looking for. This can become a tad bit frustrating.

Use a Sorter

You can use a LEGO sorter that uses a set of tray boxes with different hole sizes in the bottom of each tray. All you have to do is dump all the bricks in the top of the tray and then shake the box, and the small pieces fall through, medium bricks remain in the middle and the largest in the top.

By Brick Type

This is the most popular way to sort these bricks. It is not without interest that the ultimate way is to sort a specific type of brick into its box.

In Conclusion

Playing LEGO games is fun, but the frustrating part is after you finish the game and you need to clean up. Keeping the bricks properly makes it easier to get the right assortment the next time you play.