Qualities of the Best Certificate Design Software

Certificate design software is a fairly accessible and lightweight computer program for making certificates. It is meant to help someone design his or her own awards, gift and diploma certificates, and customize them for desires purposes. The software shows a basic user interface that does not have any noteworthy features about it. Such simplicity will appeal to novices as it will give them little trouble when working with it, even if they have never applied such software before. The main window of the program lists the available templates on the right and left edges of the main window, allowing the user to select the one he or she likes best.

The software is equipped with four different types of templates, each made up of several options. They are ‘certificate of achievement’, ‘gift certificates’, ‘certificate of business’ or ‘certificate of completion’. Irrespective of the user’s choice, he or she will be able to type the name of the certificate’s recipient and the corresponding title. Also, one can input the name of the individual presenting the award and the date in which it was issued. Additionally, the certificate design software enables someone to customize the background and insert locally stored images in BMP, PNG and JPG format. Also, one can modify the text font, size and color, with each template section being adjustable individually. When finished, the user presses the ‘print’ button to generate a PNG file that can be saved on a personal computer.

With the ready-made certificate templates, the user can quickly design professional certificates and award them for school, work, sports and many more. He or she can customize them quickly and easily with the program’s built-in clip art, or by adding his or her own. Given the in-built borders, styles and illustrations, the user gets perfect and professional certificates each time, in a matter of minutes.

A designer will never start working with a blank page with a certificate design program. All he or she has to do is choose from several professionally designed certificate templates and then customize them to come up with the desired certificate. One can make both gift certificates and award certificates with ease. Drawing is so easy, as all one has to do is stamp a ready-made visual from the in-built libraries. It is even possible insert photographs with a mere click of a mouse. One does not have to possess any artistic skills or be a designer to use the software. It automatically arranges and aligns the elements in a certificate in a way that they look. The software is so easy to use; an individual can download it and start designing right away.

Using the right certificate design program, all certificates and recipient information are stored in a secure place for future reference and use. For those who need to resend a certain certificate, it can be done easily. One can also add a name that was mistakenly left off a previous project. Some designers may be required to report back to a certification organization on who exactly were the certificates’ recipients. With the software, it is possible.