Help Your Teeth Stay Strong And Healthy For A Long Time

A lot of people with misaligned teeth dread braces and everything that comes along with them. The way they look when applied isn’t the only thing that should worry you. The prices of these things are no joke, but if you know it for a fact that you need to be wearing them, you shouldn’t skip out. What makes most of the people back down, however, is the fear of actually visiting an orthodontist and having braces installed. It is similar to the general fear most people have about dentists. Still, this shouldn’t stop you from visiting an orthodontist, because you might find that the issues coming from poorly aligned teeth can be much more severe than they seem at first.

Don’t be scared of an appointment

To help you get over this fear, here is what you can expect from your initial meeting. You are going to go over to the orthodontist’s office after booking an appointment. It can take anywhere between 30 minutes and a single hour for the professional to complete the examination of your teeth, before you can get to discuss the best course of action for your needs. Keep in mind that the most standard braces cost up to $6000. And this isn’t even the high-end, seeing as the clear ceramic braces, and the ones that are ‘invisible’ can cost even more than that, which is why the first appointment might also be dedicated to discussing a financially affordable plan for you.

Gather your medical records and discuss your general health

The second meeting isn’t going to be scary either. During the first appointment, your orthodontist will be there to address your concerns, and will take photos of your teeth in their current condition for the comparison after the braces are removed. The second meeting might take place right after the first one, if the professional has enough time, but sometimes there might be a small gap between the two meetings. At this time, you will be required to bring in your medical records and discuss your general medical history, before you sign the forms to the Terms of Service, and consent forms, needed for the treatment.

Your braces will be fitted on the third appointment

The third meeting is typically where the braces are going to be fitted, and you will be provided with instructions, which should help you see what you can expect. Keep in mind that you are going to be wearing braces for at least 20 months, and even more, in some cases. After this time expires, you might have to wear a retainer for another while, so be ready to expect a long-term commitment. The reason you have to wear them for so long, is because adult jaw bones are not developing anymore, and it would take more time for them to be corrected. To find a professional who can help you with the alignment of your teeth, go to Woodhaven Braces and get all of the info you need.