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Ways to Store Your LEGO Collection

We all love LEGO games. We have collections in different sizes, and we value the collections. Everyone talks about the latest games and forgets one thins – you need to store these toys to keep them safe for the next session. You will one time ponder how to sort and store the blocks as the collection grows over the years. Let us look at how you can store them away.

All in One Box

This is the way many people store their collections. This is ideal when you are just starting off, and you have a few blocks to deal with. Your kids will also love this option because you can just get the box out and all their bits will be there for them to start playing. It is also easy to clean up after playing because you can just throw all of them in the box.

However, as the collection grows so does this option start becoming unsuitable. It will become frustrating when you have to look for smaller pieces in a group of thousands.

Sort into Separate Containers

You can choose to sort the bricks according to color into different containers. This will help your kids get some help with learning the colors, and it will be fun sorting the bricks into the different categories with your son in tow.

The only problem is that it becomes difficult trying to find a specific model in the colored draw. You will spend a lot of time looking for a specific bit that you threw in a colored category. You have to move from container to container to get what you are looking for. This can become a tad bit frustrating.

Use a Sorter

You can use a LEGO sorter that uses a set of tray boxes with different hole sizes in the bottom of each tray. All you have to do is dump all the bricks in the top of the tray and then shake the box, and the small pieces fall through, medium bricks remain in the middle and the largest in the top.

By Brick Type

This is the most popular way to sort these bricks. It is not without interest that the ultimate way is to sort a specific type of brick into its box.

In Conclusion

Playing LEGO games is fun, but the frustrating part is after you finish the game and you need to clean up. Keeping the bricks properly makes it easier to get the right assortment the next time you play.

Instagram Bots May be Beneficial But Come With a Cost

Instagram Bots May be Beneficial But Come With a Cost

Instagram bots is now a popular method of increasing followers on Instagram. After all, it is capable of boosting one’s follower base without much effort. However, it also comes with disadvantages, that may put your account at risk.

Advantage: Effortless Propagation

With an Instagram bot, you can go to sleep and wake up with up to a hundred more followers. These take advantage of specific hashtags and similarities to add more followers. Although it is not perfect, it is still quite efficient for increasing your exposure to your intended audience. Furthermore, it does similar things as you would, except that you do not have to work yourself.

Disadvantage: Possible Ban

You are aware that nothing in this world is too good to be true. Well, Instagram bots are the perfect example for that, since you exchange the possibility of being banned for an effortless increase in followers. After all, automation violates the social media platform’s Terms of Use. Instagram bots tend to access Instagram’s API itself, without permission. And clearly, it is a strict violation, so if you get caught, expect yourself to be banned.

Advantage: Maximum Efficiency

Besides being effortless, an Instagram bot can perform tasks much faster than you can. To a busy entrepreneur, this may mean a lot as they prefer using their time for more productive work. As such, businesses can boom much faster with the efficient marketing via Instagram bots.

Disadvantage: Irrelevant Followers

Since the bot’s algorithm is not perfect, you may end up with followers that are too far away or that belong to a different demographic. You may find yourself wondering how come a sports fan is suddenly a follower of your music business account. Well, numbers are the priority of the bot, and they only have hashtags to guide them, so you may have to work on deleting irrelevant followers.

Finding the Best Instagram Bot

If you are already aware of the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing Instagram bots, then you may have come up with a decision. A good must-read is since it reviews the best Instagram bot that you can use.


Using Instagram bots is highly advantageous, although it may eventually bite your back at some point. Thus, it is best to exercise caution when utilizing them. Also, you may want to pick a decent Instagram bot, one that is worth your money. After all, you are risking your account when you choose to use them.

Watch Movements – Manual Versus Automatic

Watch Movements - Manual Versus Automatic

Are you debating between purchasing a manual movement watch or an automatic? Well, you are not alone, as many people often get stuck in the same dilemma. Here are the differences between these two movements:

Manual Movement: Overview

The manual watch movement is the oldest and most traditional type of watch movement. Also called “hand-wound movements,” the manual wind watches are delightful to look at thanks to their beautiful presentation of the watch’s movement. However, you need to manually wound them by hand to produce the energy required in the watch’s mainspring.

Manual Movement: Mechanism

First, you need to turn the crown multiple times so that you can wind the mainspring and then store potential energy. After that, the mainspring unwinds slowly to release energy via a series of gears and springs which regulate the energy release. Consequently, it utilizes the energy to turn the watch hands and bring the watch into motion.

Manual Movement: Winding Intervals

Often, the winding intervals for the manual movement watch range from 24 hours to five days. It varies depending on the power reserve capacity of the movement. Since most manual wind watch owners have a habit of winding their watch, it hardly matters.

Automatic Movement: Overview

Another mode of mechanical movement is automatic or “self-winding.” These acquire energy through the motion of the wrist of the wearer. As a result, these are more popular than the manual movement watches since the owner does not have to bother with winding it daily. As long as you regularly wear it, it will continue to function.

Automatic Movement: Mechanism

The automatic movement has a similar mechanism as the manual movement, but with the addition of a rotor. It rotates freely, particularly when the wrist moves. Thus, energy from the wrist transfers to the rotor, which winds the mainspring.

Automatic Movement: Winding Intervals

With an automatic movement watch, there should be no winding intervals unless the user does not wear the watch daily. If so, a quick wind should suffice to restore its power. Another alternative to this is purchasing a watch winder, which enables winding even without wearing the watch.

Selecting Your Mechanical Watch

If you have decided between manual or automatic, then it may be time for you to purchase a watch. As much as possible, you should purchase locally, but if there aren’t any available, opt for online shops. You should visit a reliable watch store to ensure that you only get the best quality.


Manual movement watches require you to wind them regularly, depending on their power reserves. For some, it is a hassle, but others find that appealing. As for automatic movement watches, they only require you to wear them daily. If not, you have to either wind them before use or utilize a watch winder.

Three Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

 It can be so hard getting creative and thinking of what to get your partner on Valentine’s Day, especially the men – flowers and chocolates are a quick and easy go-to for the ladies. Here are three Valentine’s Day gifts for the man in your life.


A scratch map –

I’ll explain. A lot of men love traveling, and most of them also appreciate the art of practicality when it comes to gift giving. But your standard light blue wall map is overrated. Instead, go for the novelty of a scratch map – a wall map made from a material, which means that you can scratch it off to reveal the country underneath that you’ve traveled to together. This will serve a purpose for years to come as well as you continue to explore the world together and add to the list of countries you can “scratch off the map.”


A nude photograph.

This gift can also fall under the umbrella of practicality if your man knows what to do with it. Getting in touch with your body and getting some beautifully professional shots done of it could be just what he needs for when the kids are screaming and won’t go to bed, and you’ve forgotten what it’s like to have smooth legs. Getting intimate with your gift is the perfect romantic gesture for him. Read more about having a nude shoot done for the man in your life, and he’s guaranteed to take you out to that restaurant you’ve been pining after for ages.


We’re keeping with the “practical” theme for our third and final gift idea –

a survival book for when that time of the year comes around again and all of his buddies want to drag him out to the lake for a long weekend of fishing. Finding one with lots of practical tips on what to do if he falls in the lake or becomes lost might just give him the bug to get out there and try and survive – and then you can finally dig into that secret wine stash you’ve saved for this exact occasion.

Whether your lesser half likes to travel, fish, or think about you naked, there’s no end to the possibilities of romantic gifts you can get him for Valentine’s Day. Go all out next time and show him just how creative you can get.

Quick Listing For Quality Massage Tables

 Being a massage therapist usually requires a lot of investment.

It’s an expensive, but rewarding, profession. Having a massage table is imperative in this career. Most of the time, these tables are extremely expensive and it’s hard to find the type you need. However, here at Shiatsu Chairs, it’s easy to find what you need at an affordable price. There’s a wide selection of massage table to browse through.

There are many factors you need to think about before buying a massage table, such as portability, style, weight capacity, comfort level, and the price. Here, each table has reviews on each table, so you can find the right one for you.

If you’re just starting out, the Gizmo Supply Portable Massage Table Bed is the best bet. It’s under $150 and very comfortable. It’s made out of solid wood, making for a sturdy setup. Plus, it has a fitted sheet that you can remove and wash and a removable head rest. It also has a towel holder and a storage pouch.

If you want a simple table, the Sierra Comfort Basic Portable Massage Table is what you want.

It’s plain and simple, with no distracting and unnecessary features. It’s fully adjustable up to seventy-two inches. It’s made out of high-density foam, ensuring the comfort of your clients. The table is water-proof and oil resistant.

You may want a more sophisticated table. If so, the Best Choice Products’ massage table bed/chair is perfect for you. It changes from a bed into a chair, giving you more flexibility in your methods. You can remove the head rest and the arm rests as well. This table sits lower than most and comes with a height adjustable stool for your own comfort.

The most lightweight table would be the BestMassage Black Reiki.

It’s less than twenty-five pounds and it’s easy to fold up. The carry case for the table is built right into it, making it easier to put away and transport. The face cradle is removeable if your client isn’t comfortable using it.

These are just a few examples of the variety of tables at Shiatsu Chairs. Each table is different, which guarantees you’ll find the right one for you. Each table has all the information you could need next to it. Also, it has a picture, showing you what the table would look like and what accessories come with it. A massage therapist needs a table designed to fit them and their clientele.