Month: October 2018

How To Improve Your Presence on Instagram

How To Improve Your Presence on Instagram

Today is probably your lucky day as I’ve written dozens of posts on Instagram already and learned a wealth of information and I’m about to share that with you in my mini Instagram course for starters.

Increasing your presence on such massively used platform is no easy job if you are just beginning but with the tips & tricks I have in store it will give you a huge advantage over your competitors and don’t thank me now. You can do that once you’ve grown your account to 10k+ followers at least. Yep, that’s the minimum goal we set for all of our readers and over 90% have accomplished that already.

I hear you thinking, 10,000 followers, how would I ever get there as I only have 24 followers right now. I thought of that and I already know why you have so few, it’s because you read a bunch of lame guides that told you to share your Instagram on your other social media channels, that only have a few dozen or hundred followers each, post it on your website that has 2 visitors per day, and other things that don’t affect your follower growth rate directly like using hashtags and optimizing your profile.

Although these things are important it’s not a way to grow your account although the author does make it sound like that honestly they should rewrite their titles to something like “The Bare Essentials When Setting up an Instagram Account” as that’s what it is.

My first secret

This is one all those white-hat guides never offer but it is a sure way to get your account noticed. Using a bot that is and lucky for you I just ran into that reviews the most popular and affordable bots & growth services out there so before you abandon this post and hop on to the lame bandwagon that you’ve already been on I strongly suggest you pay them a visit to really rise out of the crowd.

My second secret

Like, follow, comment, subscribe to other people posts. The real clue in growing your account is by getting engaged with other people on Instagram that have already established themselves as either an influencer or an authority. This is where your target audience hangs out so all you need to know is make yourself known.

That’s it, no more then this is required, just two very easy secrets that all the popular Instagrammers are already aware of and now you are one of them, as said, thank me once you have those 10k followers to show. I love to hear from you.