Month: September 2017

Three Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

 It can be so hard getting creative and thinking of what to get your partner on Valentine’s Day, especially the men – flowers and chocolates are a quick and easy go-to for the ladies. Here are three Valentine’s Day gifts for the man in your life.


A scratch map –

I’ll explain. A lot of men love traveling, and most of them also appreciate the art of practicality when it comes to gift giving. But your standard light blue wall map is overrated. Instead, go for the novelty of a scratch map – a wall map made from a material, which means that you can scratch it off to reveal the country underneath that you’ve traveled to together. This will serve a purpose for years to come as well as you continue to explore the world together and add to the list of countries you can “scratch off the map.”


A nude photograph.

This gift can also fall under the umbrella of practicality if your man knows what to do with it. Getting in touch with your body and getting some beautifully professional shots done of it could be just what he needs for when the kids are screaming and won’t go to bed, and you’ve forgotten what it’s like to have smooth legs. Getting intimate with your gift is the perfect romantic gesture for him. Read more about having a nude shoot done for the man in your life, and he’s guaranteed to take you out to that restaurant you’ve been pining after for ages.


We’re keeping with the “practical” theme for our third and final gift idea –

a survival book for when that time of the year comes around again and all of his buddies want to drag him out to the lake for a long weekend of fishing. Finding one with lots of practical tips on what to do if he falls in the lake or becomes lost might just give him the bug to get out there and try and survive – and then you can finally dig into that secret wine stash you’ve saved for this exact occasion.

Whether your lesser half likes to travel, fish, or think about you naked, there’s no end to the possibilities of romantic gifts you can get him for Valentine’s Day. Go all out next time and show him just how creative you can get.