Month: May 2016

Basic Dental Services Offered By The Dentists


Dentists play a significant role in ensuring our dental care. There are countless dental problems which can be a cause for a bad oral care. The treatment of these problems lies with your dentists. A dentist may seem a normal oral health expert, but a deeper study will reveal many unfound characteristics which they possess to cure your dental problems completely.

One of the most valued services which dentists provide is an emergency service to common teeth problems. These emergency services of reputed dentists are quite popular in London and almost everyone can avail these services without any problem or inconvenience. Emergency London is related term when it comes to oral care and problems and you can be assured that you would get the best emergency service related to your oral problem.

Some of the basic oral care services which a dentist provides to maintain a proper and smooth health of your teeth are as follows –

Dental examinations- The dentist performs a thorough check up of your dental area and determines whether you require any kind of treatment or not.

X- ray examination- one way to examine your teeth is conducting an x-ray of your whole mouth and then determining the right treatment suitable to your oral care.

Teeth cleaning and whitening – one of the most demanding oral care services is tooth cleaning and whitening. A dentist specializes in giving you an attractive look with respect to your smile by ensuring proper cleaning and whitening of your teeth. They use special cleaning techniques and chemicals to give a bright and shiny look to your teeth.

Extraction of wisdom tooth – One common problem that is faced by all grownups is the pain and swelling related with the occurrence of wisdom tooth. A dentist specializes in extraction of tooth and when it comes to your wisdom tooth extracting it becomes obligatory. A dentist will seamlessly extract your tooth and give you relief from pain and swelling.

Fillings- Many times, there is no option but to extract the tooth and replace it with a new and virtual one which is not sensitive. This replacement of tooth is not accurately matched with the old tooth and some unwanted space is created between the adjacent tooth. To make this space invisible the process of filling is adopted. Filling uses special material which is similar to the color of gums and does not make anyone notice that you have been given a tooth replacement.

Crown – As the name suggests a crown is a cap which is fitted above your weak and damaged tooth to give it protection and strength against breakage and permanent loss. A crown acts as a shield and protects the soft and weak teeth.